Sandhill Cranes, Monte Vista, CO

Knysna Lourie, Wilderness, South Africa,

Cheerie’s Tanager,Costa Rica

Scarlet Macaw, Costa Rica

White Whiskered Puffbird, Costa Rica

Lilac Breasted Roller, Tanzania

Sandhill Crane,

St. Catherine’s Island, Georgia

Sandhill Crane, New Mexico

Sandhill Crane, New Mexico

Brown Pelican with Young, San Diego

Brown Pelican

Black Winged Stilt

Wood Stork

Anhinga Feeding on Catfish, Harris Neck Refuge

Grey Crowned Crane, Tanzania

Grey Crowned Cranes

Blue Cranes, South Africa

Sacred Ibis, South Africa

Snowy Egret with Young, Harris Neck Wildlife Refuge

Ibis at Sunset Light

Least Tern

Cactus Wren

Martial Eagle Feeding on Korhaan, Namibia

Kori Bustard, Namibia

Cape Baetis, Namibia

Goshawk, Namibia

Lilac Breasted Roller, Tanzania

Secretary Bird, Namibia

Korhaan, Namibia

Mousebird, Tanzania

Jackass Penguin, South Africa

Greater Flamingo, South Africa